Our story begins in Ponte a Egola, a small town in the hearth of Tuscany where since ancient times the vegetable tanned leather has been developed and has become famous.

The walls of our tannery tell the story of Attilio Puccini, a man that many years ago has strongly believed in quality and in the tradition of the ancient artisan process of vegetable tanning, in order to respect the environment and in the natural look of leather and has believed also in future, in order to pass these important values to his family and that we, today, preserve and hand down again as an asset unique and precious.



The tannery is now well known in the tanning sector and especially in the production of vegetable tanned leather, for leather goods, footwear, belts and furnishing.

The tannery Puccini Attilio is a founding members of “The Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium”, a small group of tuscan tanners In the Leather District, between Florence and Pisa, where vegetable-tanned leather is still produced following the traditional methods. The quality of tuscan vegetable-tanned leather is the result of a long-lasting experience and it’s closely connected to the lifestyle and culture of its production area. From a point a view of the quality, the vegetable-tanned leather shows certain characteristics such as softness and ductility, which meet the needs of the manufacturer of the finished product, either shoes or leathergoods factories.