PROBIOS “Production of BIO-stimulating protein hydrolysates through chemical splitting processes and
transformation of leather waste from waste to resource

The PROBIOS project intends to develop a new technological process for the treatment of leather waste
currently sent to landfills or destined for waste-to-energy plants, in order to reuse potentially recoverable
substances (proteins, fat and tanning substances) for which there is already a strong market demand. Once transformed, these could be used again in the tanning process and destined for other market segments.

The objective is therefore to share the “closure of production cycles” with the business world both through
the reduction of waste production and by identifying suitable plant engineering capable of replacing recourse
to landfills.

The Project foresees the participation of the following Partners:

  • Italprogetti SPA
  • Puccini Attilio SRL Tannery
  • UPIMAR SRL Tannery
  • UNIVERSITY OF SIENA – Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy

The PROBIOS project specifically sets the following objectives:

  • Select and characterize finished leather waste.
  • Develop and implement the waste transformation process to valorise substances potentially recyclable.
  • Create an automated prototype plant in line with “Industry 4.0” protocols (CNC-PLC controls, IT
    interconnection, remote management) for waste treatment.
  • Dramatically reduce disposal in landfills and towards waste-to-energy plants