Our URAGANO article is a real and classic cowhide entirely vegetable tanned in Tuscany. This article is made on high quality cow shoulders of French origin. L’URAGANO is a drum-dyed and greased leather with a compact and firm texture. This item has a rustic and aged appearance through manual processing carried out in our tannery. L’URAGANO has a warm and soft touch and a natural luster appearance achieved by roller polishing. L’URAGANO is a very natural, uncovered and transparent leather where it is possible to see all the characteristics, veins and wrinkles of vegetable tanned leather. This article develops a beautiful patina and has a good reactivity to browning and brushing thanks to the oils used in the tanning recipe. The URAGANO is made in a thickness of 1.6 mm – 1.8 mm but the thickness can vary according to request from 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm, with the possibility of also having the resin coating on the flesh side. In fact, this article is ideal for any type of leather goods, for belts and some types of footwear. L’URAGANO is a typical vegetable-tanned cowhide handmade in our tannery and each leather is to be considered as unique and iconic.




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