Our Article NIKE is one of the most famous and requested item of our Tannery. Its name does not belong to the famous brand, but to the greek goddess of the Myth, a representation of Beauty and Victory.

The NIKE is a 100% vegetable tanned leather made on cow shoulders of the highest quality from french origin.

This leather is tanned with Quebracho tanning exctract and it is fattened with “SEGO”, the special mixture of animal fat and oils that we realize according to the old recipe of our tannery.

The NIKE is undyed as it is finished by hand and then sprayed with beautiful and bright anyline colors that show transparency and natural look to the leather. This is the famous “Tamponato” leather, the most authentic leather made in Tuscany since many years.

The NIKE is polished by hand with amber stone that gives to the leather a natural look, transparency and deepness to the leather. The shineness could be made in different look: One is called “Rullato”, which is matt/medium shiny look and the other one is called “Shiny”, which is a bright, shiny look made by hand polishing.

Our suggested thickness to keep the touch and handfeel goes from 1,0 mm up to 1,8 mm.

This leather is suitable for all kinds of leathergoods, for shoes and for lined belts.

The NIKE is a real classic vacchetta that ages with time with its patina that become more and more beautiful with its use.

The NIKE is one of the most iconic leather of our tannery, a leather with a very good character but also recognised all over the world as elegant and fashonable.