The NATURALE is properly a natural 100% vegetable tanned leather whitout anyfinishing and undyed.

This leather is the real classic vacchetta that change color quickly under the sun and with its use.

We produce NATURALE on cow shoulders, bellies and double butts of the highest quality from french origin.

The NATURALE is tanned with tannins that are natural extracts taken from the different kinds of trees such as Quebracho, Chestnut and Mimosa. Each extract gives a different color tone and different feeling to the leather. So we have three different kinds of NATURALE:

  • NATURALE SEGO: made with Quebracho and fattened with our special animal fat and oils mixture called “Sego” that we produce according to the old recipe of our Tannery. This kind of leather could be produced in both smooth and tumbled look good for many kinds of leathergoods. This is the base tanning for the main production of our items;
  • NATURALE 23: made with Chestnut and Mimosa extracts, lighter in color than Naturale Sego and more firm, good for trimmings, sandals and lining;
  • NATURALE LV: made only with Mimosa extract which gives a very clean and light natural color, almost whitish with a firm temper. This item can also be treated with protection and anti-dust and with a even finishing resistent to water but whitout loosing its natural features.

All our articles of NATURALE are 100% vegetable tanned and they get darker with time but in different color shades depending on the type used. The NATURALE leather show all its character and its surface and all the small imperfections have not to be considered as defects but peculiarities of a very natural product.




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