Koala Volanato

Our article KOALA VOLANATO is one of the oldest item of our Tannery.

KOALA VOLANATO is made on cow shoulders of the highest quality of french origin and it is 100% vegetable tanned.

KOALA VOLANATO is an entirely vegetable tanned leather with the use of natural tannins such as Quebracho extract that gives softness and firmness to the skin.

This item is oily and fattened with a special grease called “SEGO”, a mixture of different natural ingredients that we realize according to the old recipe of our Tannery. This fatliquor gives an excellent texture and elasticity to the skin and a soft and warm hand.

KOALA VOLANATO is dyed through and has a natural grain look given by many hours of natural tumbling process in drum.

This item is finished with anyline in order to create a nice double tone effect between tip grain and basement color and in order to give richness and beautiful transparency to the leather.

KOALA VOLANATO is suitable for all kinds of leathergoods, for footwear and belts.

Our suggested thickness is 1,6-1,8 mm to have an uniform and consistent grain, but this item is possible to be made from 1,0 mm up to 2,2 mm.

This leather develops a nice patina with time which gives an aged an unique look to the final product.

KOALA VOLANATO is the typical and real Classic Vacchetta produced in Tuscany since many years from father to son.




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