Our Article GRIND is a real Classic Vacchetta entirely vegetable tanned and made in Tuscany.

The Article GRIND is made on cow shoulders of french origin of the best quality.

The article is drum dyed and fattened with oil and a special grease called “Sego”, according to the old recipe of our Tannery.

Sego Fat gives to the article GRIND a soft and warm handfeel and a medium temper to the leather.

The surface of the GRIND is clean and has a nice fine grain slightly buffed. The look has a cloudy double tone effect, thanks to the anyline colors used in the finishing process.

The oil and fat inside the leather create a natural pull-up effect and if it gets some scratches, they are very easy to repair.

The GRIND has natural matt shiny look.

It is possible to produce this item in different thickness from 1,0 mm up to 3,0 mm, but our suggested thickness to keep the ideal softness, handfeel and grain is from 1,4 up to 2,0 mm.

The GRIND is very good for burnishing and polishing and it is very suitable for all kinds of leathergoods, for belts, handbags and shoes.




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