The BISANZIO article is one of the most imaginative and creative leathers of our tannery.

This product is made on 100% vegetable tanned French bovine shoulders in Tuscany.

The name “BISANZIO” recalls the famous Greek city, known in Roman times as Constantinople and today as Istanbul. However, it is ancient Byzantium that has always been recognized as one of the most important cities of antiquity above all thanks to its art, characterized by the use of gold and precious stones in all the decorations and especially in the mosaics. The finishing of our BISANZIO article recalls the precious aspect of ancient Byzantine art and this is the reason why we have used the name of the various precious stones for the colors created on this leather.

Just like Byzantine art, our BISANZIO has a glossy and brilliant look and each color is stained by hand creating particular cloudy effects and above all it has unique and iridescent characteristics according to the variability of the light that illuminates the skin, just like it happens to ancient mosaics.

This leather is dyed in the barrel, greased with natural oils and finished with aniline colours. The leather is stiff, but at the same time soft enough to be worked for any leather goods product and has a smooth and pleasant hand to the touch.

The BISANZIO article can be made in thicknesses from 1.0 mm to 1.6 mm and is perfect for many projects, especially small leather goods, but also bags and some types of footwear. With the BISANZIO article, the finished product will be unique and exclusive.

Choosing the BISANZIO article means understanding the union between the tradition of classic vegetable tanned leather and the artistic processes that we try to carry on in our tannery, where we always try to take inspiration from art for our leather creations.