Our article APUANO reflects all the imagination we put into the creation of our leathers.

The name APUANO derives from the Tuscan mountain range of the Apuan Alps which offers  colorful landscapes of unmistakable beauty. And that is why we have been inspired by those places to create a leather item that would show the signs of its naturalness and the variety of its colors.

This leather is made on cow shoulders of french origin and is 100% vegetable tanned in Tuscany.

It is a classic Vacchetta leather, fattened with “SEGO”, a special mixture of oils and animal fats that we realize at our Tannery according to our old recipe.

The article APUANO is not dyed through as it is hand-stained in a very creative and fancy way. The aniline colors create streaked effects on the skin, leaving their own trail in a casual way so that each individual hide has its own uniqueness. The color is not applied uniformly, but there are “empty” areas showing the natural color of the skin which becomes darker and age over time.

The article APUANO is polished with special rolling machines that give a glossy look and transparent effect to the leather that shows itself in all its naturalness.

The article APUANO can be made in thickness fro 1,0 mm up to 3,0 mm and is suitable for all kinds of leathergoods, shoes and belts.

Choosing the article APUANO means understanding the union between the Tuscan tradition of vegetable tanned leather and the creative processing methods that we use in our tannery, where we have always tried to create unique and natural products.