Our story

Since 14years old, Mr Puccini Attilio started working in the first tanneries in Ponte a Egola, a small town in the leather district between Florence and Pisa, getting experience in working bovine vegetable tanned leather for leathergoods and footwear.
After this period, he decided to start his own business, opening the “Conceria Puccini Attilio” in 1986.
Attilio passed down to his son Marco and his daugher Sandra the values of this ancient craft, so they are all currently managing the tannery.

Our Company

The Tannery is specialized in the production of high quality bovine vegetable tanned leather. The Tannery uses of several cuts of the raw hide such as shoulder, bellies, fronts and half calves.
The long-lasting artisan experience, the raw hides bought from the best cattles in France, Sweden and Switzerland, the continuous innovation in technology guarantee vegetable tanned leather of the best quality, appreciated even by several brands in Italy and in the world.
Conceria Puccini Attilio S.r.l. is now well-known in the leather business, especially in the production of vegetable tanned leather.
Mr. Attilio Puccini is in charge of the selection and buying of the Raw Hides; Mr. Marco Puccini is the general manager in charge of the production and sales for the Italian Market. Mr. Manuel Casella is in charge of the export division and samples developments. Ms. Sandra Puccini is in charge of administration and accontanting.

Our Philosophy

The main aim of the company is to offer to its customers high-quality articles, with natural features and a very natural look, which only vegetable tanned leather can have.
The particular tanning process used by Conceria Puccini Attilio uses vegetable tannins extracts such as; Chestnut, Mimosa and Quebrach, which guarantee a tanning process respectful of the environment and nature.
The tannery Puccini Attilio is a founding members of “The Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium”, a small group of tuscan tanners In the Leather District, between Florence and Pisa, where vegetable-tanned leather is still produced following the traditional methods.
The quality of tuscan vegetable-tanned leather is the result of a long-lasting experience and it’s closely connected to the lifestyle and culture of its production area.
From a point a view of the quality, the vegetable-tanned leather shows certain characteristics such as softness and ductility, which meet the needs of the manufacturer of the finished product, either shoes or leathergoods factories.

Vegetal-tanned Leather

The vegetable tanned leather absorbs our tracks, mute, is colored with the passage of time and is, customizations that occur with use, its highest statement of naturalness and truth.

Consorzio Pelle al Vegetale


Our leather does not contain chrome, pentachlorophenol and azo dyes. The articles can be developed on the request of the customer in order to customise the final product. Our Raw Hides come from the best cattles in France, Sweden and Switzerland. We remain at your full disposal in case you need further information.
Our articles are made of 100% bovine vegetable tanned leather, so it is not always possible to remove wrinkles and small veins.
They should not be considered as difects or imperfections, but real features of pure natural leather.


We are located in the real heart of Tuscany, between Pisa and Florence, in the so called “leather district”, one of the largest in Europe. Visiting us is also a good chance to stroll around tuscan hills and small towns like San Miniato, very close from our place. San Miniato is well known as a typical medieval town, full of art and culture, with very good restaurants where we can let you try our good wine and white truffle.

Getting here is really easy: when you are on the Fi-Pi-Li highway, take the “Santa Croce sull’Arno” exit to “Ponte a Egola” and then just follow directions to Conceria Puccini Attilio.

Via Gaetano Salvemini, 16, San Miniato PI

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